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    Supplier ID search possibility

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      In contract workspace procurement, there is no possibility of searching the workspace thorugh Supplier ID. We have many suppliers existing in the system with the same name and we differentiate them Supplier ID's. Therefore, selecting the right supplier while searching and filtering search results become complicated.

      Contract search.PNG

      Does anyone share similar concern? Any best practices to go around this issue?





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          Akshay Pole Journeyman

          Hi Imran,


          I could see in your screenshot that a supplier chooser is available so there is always a possibility to add more fields to display in the chooser group.

          You can find out in the field or group field properties the nametable class and the chooser group being used for selecting the supplier. Once you find these out, you can override these by your custom code so that you can add the Supplier ID field to search for the suppliers with their ID's.


          Hope this helps, let me know if you need any further assistance.





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              Tim Fabiniak Master

              This is a great suggestion, but it will only work for On-Premise customers. For On-Demand customers, I'd first suggest that you make an enhancement request for this functionality. I can see where it might be useful.


              I'm not sure if there's a great way to solve this problem, perhaps somebody else will have an idea, but here's what I'd try: make a generic report that searches for Contract Workspaces. Set the report so that users must select a supplier when they run the report. Have it start in detail view and include the Supplier ID as a detail field. This should give you a list of contracts for the supplier and the supplier IDs necessary to discern which is which.


              There's also functionality in the reporting tool - if you click on the first detail column and select "View More Details" - which will let you jump from the report straight into the contract. Look for the "Inspect in ASM" button.


              It's not going to be as quick and efficient as a search, but it might be worth trying out to see if it helps. If you need any assistance building the report, let me know.

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