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    Copy-of-Invoice Requirement for Auditors

    Gretchen Harms Expert

      We are looking for other Ariba buyers to join us on this Enhancement Request. Or if you have solved this problem via some other method and are willing to share that information, we are interested in that as well. Thanks, everyone.



      Summary: When we are audited by various taxing authorities, we are asked to produce paper copies of invoices to justify our tax decisions (i.e. sales and use tax accruals, etc.). Currently, in Ariba we have to pull up one invoice at a time and then “print” (hardcopy or softcopy).

      Business Problem: The requirement to produce copies of invoices to appease tax authorities is not unique to First National of Nebraska. We know of at least one other Ariba buyer who is having the same challenge. They are actually paying temps to come in and print these invoices (one-by-one) that are being requested by the tax authorities.

      Business Impact: Printing invoices one-by-one is both inefficient and costly. Other invoicing solutions have the ability to print a subset of invoices based on supplier, date range, gl account, etc.

      Proposed Solution: Ariba needs to develop a tool, or report that will allow us to prints invoices using various selections criteria, including supplier, date range, gl account, tax code, dollar amount, etc.