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    What functionality is available/planned for eDestruction of ACW documents?

    Bob Biros Expert

      We have begun using Ariba Contract Workspace (ACW) as the sole repository of signed Contract Agreements and related electronic documents.

      Our company records management dictates various retention schedules for documents
      (e.g. documents associated with contracts are kept for 10 years from the expiration date of the contract). 
      Many of those documents are coming up for removal from the system.


      We do not wish to be a manual task as there are far too many contracts and documents.


      Is there any functionality available today with respect to the auto eDestruction of ACW documents?

      The issue is not about eArchiving but rather eDestruction: the removal and destroying of the documents.


      What future plans does Ariba have for on-Premise customers to satisfy this eDestruction need?


      Ideally, documents would be tagged with a 'retention tag/retention date' at entry time and the document would automatically be purged from the system when that retention period is up.  Functionality would also be needed to  examine the retention settings of documents and visibility into what is next to be purged.


      How are other on-Premise customers dealing or planning to deal with this retention issue?


      Does the on-Demand solution have a solution for this retention issue?


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          Michael Odom Expert



          Data Archiving and Purging for Contracts and Sourcing is a planned feature for the Ariba 9r2 release (scheduled for Q1 2014).  The "purging" aspect of the feature will accomplish the eDestruction use case -- purged documents will be completely removed from the Ariba system (with the option to archive that data to a non-Ariba system if necessary).


          The use case that you've provided regarding "retention tag/retention date" functionality would be addressed by the feature as well.  Configuration of the archive/purge rules will allow businesses to define rules that determine what is archived and when it is archived, allowing for a "sliding window" for the archive/purge process.  The functionality would also offer a preview of archive/purge candidates that can be reviewed prior to the archive/purge taking place.


          On-Demand does not have an archive/purge feature at this time, although I know it has been discussed in detail and is under consideration for a future release.


          We will be providing much more information regarding this feature (and many other features) during the 9r2 feature discussions that will be occurring in early 2013.

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            Mike Uddin Expert

            Hi Bob, I have been asked to write up a CRD (Customer Requirements Document) about records retention / purge capabilities.   Thus far, I have drafted the following key points and I welcome your input on these requirements:

            1. The ability for all data and attachments to be purged & destroyed in such a manner that it cannot be recovered or discovered following destruction.
            2. A configurable workflow which will route to a person(s) or group(s) within X days of the pending destruction/purge date and reminders every Y days thereafter.
            3. The ability to “save” or “rescue” a record/data from the automated/scheduled purge date.
            4. The ability to set predefined rules for a purge date to be automatically applied (e.g. X months/years following the Expiration Date of a contract, or Y months/years following the Closing Bid Date on a sourcing event, or Z months/years following an SPM survey).
            5. The ability for an Owner or Administrator to modify the purge date up until the date itself.
            6. There should be reporting which will allow administrators and Owners of these records to see what purges are upcoming over the next few months/ quarters/ years.
            7. The option to transfer those records to a portable media for “offline” storage when/if needed (e.g. for a record which is part of an active litigation or investigation).


            Thank you!