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    How to do Mass Creation of New Suppliers

    Gaurav Bansal Journeyman



      I am working on Ariba On-Demand Solution.


      I have to create an RFP where I need to invite more than 100 Suppliers, and all these suppliers will be invited for the first-time i.e. they do not exist on Customer's Vendor Database.


      Can anyone guide me on how can I create New Suppliers in one go rather then creating them one-by-one?




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          Tim Fabiniak Master



          From the Suppliers (or Content) step of the RFP, click the "Excel Import" button. You'll be able to download an Excel copy of your RFP and you can add new suppliers on the Suppliers tab. Upload that worksheet back into the site from the "Excel Import" screen and it'll create the suppliers for you.


          If you need any help with the process (as it can sometimes be tricky), let me know.


          Also, just a warning: there is a per-event supplier limit. I'm not 100% sure what the current limit is, I think 100, but you may run into errors if you go over that.


          Hope that helps!