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    Anyone using Template Upgrade in Contracts?

    Kevin Lamont Apprentice

      Good afternoon,


      We are considering using Template Upgrade in the Contracting module, and I was wondering if anyone has deployed this functionality today and what successes and challenges you have had are.


      Particular to my scenario, I am interested in hearing feedback regarding the following:

      • impact to legacy converted workspaces (pre-Ariba)
      • impact to existing data -- all workspaces
        • i.e. workspaces have different versions (40+) of the template
      • did you chose to "ask before" or not
      • general wins from this feature
      • general challenges from this feature


      Thanks in advance for your time.



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          Rich Perry Journeyman

          Hi Kevin,


          Are you still looking for input?

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            Molly McCarthy Apprentice

            Hi Kevin,


            We enabled it for a short while, without asking before.  We decided to enable the upgrade becasue we currently use one general template and since made improvements/rearranged some tasks.  What we didn't know was that you can not upgrade a template while amending a workspace that has an Assembled PDF attached to it.  We use DocuSign so most workspaces have Assembled PDFs and users were unable to complete amendments, so we disabled the feature.  We decided that the ability to amend a contract workspace was more important than applying modifications to the original template used, since at the time the contract was executed, the tasks and workflow we had in place was sufficient.  Hope this helps.



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              Soren Thaysen Expert

              Hi Kevin,


              We recently implemented the automatic template upgrade without asking the end user, and in general this is working fine as it should. One thing to be aware of though, is that if the contracts in your database are based on several different templates (as it was in our case), then deactivating one of these will make an amendment to contracts that are based on the deactivated template cause an error in the system and log you out. The only fix to either 1) reactivate the old template and keep it alive until the contracts based on this template have expired, or 2) re-register the contracts to be based on your new template. We chose option no. 1 and added conditions to the template to make sure that no new contracts were registrered on that template.


              The information about the assembled PDFs is new to me - I assume this only applies if you have chosen Docusign as an e-signing provider? We are considering getting an e-signing solution at some point and this fact will definately affect the choice of provider. I would be happy to hear inputs from people having challenges with the mentioned combination.