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    User/Group Management Question

    jambrose Expert

      My company is split into multiple distinct operating divisions; I'll just refer to them as D1 and D2.  I've created a group for both D1 and D2, with plans to add internal users to their respective groups to better manage template access and limit the number of templates showing up for each user.  I was hoping to be able to search the users by email address and add users in bulk ie; @D1, @D2.  However, this doesn't seem possible.  When adding users to groups, the only search options appear to be: Name, UserID, and Type.   For internal users we are not using full email address as userid, just the name portion as the userid: jambrose instead of jambrose@topsourcellc.com.


      Am I missing something?  Is there an easier way to search these users, or will we have to go through and manually sort out the groups?  We're sourcing/contract pro on demand users.  Thanks!

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          David Morel Master

          I would recommend using the Data Import / Export capabilities to do this in excel and then reimport. Talk with Support and they should be able to show you how to do this. At minimum, you could use the Export Enterprise Users export to get the list of Users with their UserID and email address. Hope this helps! David Morel

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              jambrose Expert

              Thanks David.  It appears as though you can only import/export and update the Ariba defined groups and not the groups we have created.  The export list will definitely help to differentiate the user groups by email, however it appears as though we'll still need to go through and manually update 150+ users one at a time.  Any other thoughts?

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                  AribaMax Master

                  Import/Export is definitely going to save time, not just one time, but every time some users need to be updated. Also, editing on the csv file is going to be easier. Just my suggestions. Convenience may be percieved differently from one to another.


                  Coming to the solution, if you would like to export all Groups and not just OOTB (out-of-the-box) groups, you may have to look at the MessageConfiguration table and ensure that the EventSource parameter for the export event is configured to match all the AdapterSources of the Group objects. Or you could simply make it to EventSource = "%:%"


                  If you would still prefer to edit via the UI, as per your original question, and if you would like to see more/different fields in the search pop window such as the Email Address, Supervisor etc., you just have to customize the appropriate aml Group (for the grouping of fields) . e.g. in your case, it may be EM_AssignGroupManagerDisplayUsers and then use a custom ChooserGroup on User object and that would contain custom fields like the Email Address.


                  Hope this helps.