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    To Ariba:

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      Someone googled my name looking for my email address,  and the person came across a discussion I had on Ariba Exchange regarding Reverse Auction and dollar and percentage.


      My question to Ariba:

      How is it that a discussion in Exchange in which I need a username and password to access ends up on the internet for all to access?

      Is this standard practice?


      Here it is as presented on google:



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          David Morel Master

          Dominic, Exchange has public and private groups. Public groups can be accessed without being a registered member, but you have to be registered to post. Private groups, like Sourcing OnDemand are not accessible unless you have credentials and are accepted to that particular group. David Morel

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            Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

            Hi Dominic:


            Thanks for your question. My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I’m the community manager for Ariba Exchange.


            I wanted to follow up on David's reply with a few more details. As he mentioned, Ariba Exchange is an open community and discussions that occur in our main community areas (such as Sourcing) are accessible to anyone who comes across the site including search engines, which index all public content. Content in private groups is not accessible in this way.


            Along with participating in discussions, a member log-in allows you to join a group and to view details listed in a member’s profile (such as e-mail address and company). This is both to create a degree of transparency within the community and a measure to ensure an honest exchange. Registration also prevents automated programs from spamming the community with inappropriate content.


            When members wish to exchange contact information with each other, using the direct message option is the best approach to keep contact information private. To do so, click the community member’s name that you want to send a message to and select “Direct Message” on the right-side of the screen.


            You can also control who is able to see your information within Ariba Exchange in the “Privacy Settings” tab of your profile.


            Please let me know if I can offer any further assistance.