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    How to add myself in Surrogate Bidders group

    Gaurav Bansal Journeyman

      Hi there,


      During one of the events I was doing for my Client, I had a very recent brush with a scenario where one of my suppliers lost his internet connection in the middle of the Event. Event type was Dutch Reverse Auction. I had to immediately call up Ariba Support and requested them to surrogate bids on my supplier's behalf.

      Afterwards, the event went through well (Ariba support was very helpful in coordinating this)


      However, I was thinking wouldn't it be better if I add myself in Surrogate Bidders group so that time I lost in calling up Helpdesk and arranging for Surrogation, I could save on that since in a Dutch Reverse Auctoin, time plays a crucial role.


      I would be glad if you could guide me in adding myself in Surrogate Bidders group.


      Warm Regards


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          David Morel Master

          Most likely, your organization decided at the time of deployment to let Ariba handle what we call Event Day Management. We can't have it both ways, either Ariba does it or the organization retains the responsibility and ability.

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            Vignesh Sathiyanarayanan Master

            Hi Gaurav,


            Look into to Team Tab of  the Sourcing Event that you created will have Surrogate Bidders.Add the Required Users into the Surrogate Bidders Team group

            In this case you can add yourself into that Surrogate Group and after publishing this event.

            You can login by as surrogate Bidders( Supplier) to participate in the Event and feel like a Supplier and you may response to the Event by accept/reject.


            Note:- You need to have Surrogate role to add any of the users into the Event (Surrogate Bidders Group ).

            Please let me know if you need any more clarification.




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