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    Ariba Data Enrichment

    madhan kumar Novice

      Hello Experts,


      In the Q1 2013 SAP procurement road map, it is mentioned that Ariba Data Enrichment (ADE) will be the data enrichment tool going forward, and SAP is planning to offer ADE via “SV Basic for SPM” to SAP SPM OnPremise customers. SAP will deliver this via Custom SOW in immediate term.


      Currently we are working with client for SAP SPM 3.0 implementation, the client wants to carryout Data Standardization and Enrichment as part of the project implementation.


      Can spmeone provide some pointers how this ADE can be enabled and configured and share functionalities and features of ADE.




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          Manny Cortez Expert

          H,   Hi Madhan,


          Th   The planned integration is based on the existing SAP SPM format; there is no change for SAP SPM customers. The required data is exported from SPM Data Management using standard SPM export features and sent to ADE for enrichment.  All required data transformations are included as part of the ADE service.


          You can obtain additional information regarding the ADE service by contacting your Ariba Account Executive.  Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have additional questions.


          Take care,

          Manny Cortez

          Ariba Spend Visibility Product Manager