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    Ariba_ Network _On boarding vendors

    Karthika Gajendran Journeyman

      Hello Experts,


      I need to your support to get solution for my queries below


      My Company is planning to use Ariba Network to access the huge vendor base. We already have SAP ERP and SAP SRM for our procurement activities.


      SAP SRM ->  For Creating PR  , to convert PR to PO and the PO will be posted to the SAP ERP.


      From SAP ERP-> PO-> GR->Invoice process will be done. This is the current Process


      Here now we planning to use Ariba by integrating with SAP SRM for Sourcing activities, so we need to on board the vendors from Ariba Discovery and need to use those those vendor source in my SAP SRM to create PO .


      Those PO need to route to vendor available in Ariba network for order acknowledgement .


      Kindly help me to implement this scenario for our company.


      1. Can i connect SAP SRM with Ariba Network?

      2.How can i get those vendors i sourced in Ariba discovery to my SAP SRM application?

      3.Real time fetching is available in Ariba Network?


      Thanks a lot for your answers in advance . Your answers will be more helpful and highly appreciated.