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    Scoring & Grading System, some doubts!!??

    ravishankar patil Journeyman

      Can anybody explain me in sourcing how to use the supplier grading system effectively, how the  below table works in supplier scoring in RFI stage. when I increase the importance automatically overall % will change how it will calculate based on the importance and whats the use of Target grade & Pre Grade ? how to use these functions effectively ? how Importance and Overall% is linked ? what is the weight functionality & its limit ? Please somebody can clear these doubts or refer some tutorial for this ?



      Target Grade

      Overall %

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          David Morel Master

          I recommend you read the chapter on scoring in the event management guide, it explains the functionality.

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            bwayman Newbie

            I concur iwth David Morel - read the tutorial on scoring under Help/Tutorials, etc.  -  do this especially to understand the scoring methodology /calculations.  I also had questions on the scoring but what made it easier for us was to put the scoring items all together under one section of the RFP event we labeled "project specific questions".  This made it easier to validate the scoring of items with their weights and importance levels, etc.  Instead of having team members score in the system directly,  we exported the scoring template and had them complete it offline and then imported the completed template back into Ariba.  Worked very well inside Ariba doing it this way.  When we compared our scoring in the Excel template to the results we imported/uploaded to Ariba  it helped us to understand the calculation methodology being used and to feel comfortable that it was being applied correctly in Ariba, etc.

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              Christopher Banas Journeyman

              Ariba also has a pdf specifically on Grading and Scoring if you do a search in the help area for documents. The systems appears to be very flexible with scoring but that also increases the complexity.