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    Ariba csv Files field mapping with SAP

    researchscholar007 Master

      Hi Experts,


      Question 1:

      Does anyone have experience of implementing Ariba P2O with SAP ECC as backend system ( where SRM is replaced with Ariba - This is not essential ) ?


      Question 2:

      Does anyone have field mapping information to load the data from SAP ECC to Ariba?


      Background information:

      We are implementing Ariba P2O out of the box solution, replacing SRM with Ariba solution.

      As part of this process, we need to upload 33 csv files,

      Ariba standard extract provides around 17 files, and other files we need to generate.


      Scenario Information:

      For following files, we need SAP field mapping: ( Some fields have a fields which of its own do not make sense, unless there is a specific table to dig the information.)

      eg: in ERPCommodityCodeMap.csv, Ariba needs column values where a link between Material Grp, G/L acc, company code, Asset, Internal Order etc is maintained. SAP do not store the information in this format for direct extract, hence, i am finding the table-fields for extracting this data. However, just the field like company code, of its own do not give proper information, unless it is somehow linked to Material Group in SAP.



      Is this assumption correct?


      Question 4:

      How this information was obtained, where SAP ECC was used as backend system





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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Rahul:


          Have you reached out to the Ariba Support team for assistance with your questions? You can contact a service rep via the link for Connect within the solution or by phone.


          I can provide a phone number for the region or country where you are located if you'd like.


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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              researchscholar007 Master

              Hi Debbie,

              Thank you for picking up the thread.  is particular thread has 113 views since 9th April,  but no one has replied  , in the mean time we have managed to load the files to Ariba On-Demand (and learnt a lot of good things about how things work in Ariba.)


              We have Ariba consultants as part of the project. They are helpful to provide the guidance, however, for the files which are not generated by Ariba, they advised us that the information is to be manually populated in csv files. I wanted to know how other customers have done this. If w have faced a issues, surely other customers wud hv also faced similar issues.


              I have posted the question related to the field mapping because what was supposed to be 'out of the box' solution, is not actually an 'out of the box'. our team had to produce  around 60% of the files required to make the ariba work.


              1. The Data dictionary is not a true representation of the file structure which can be loaded to Ariba On-Demand.

              2. Files generated using Ariba provided extraction tool generate csv files bu the files needs further modification to make it work