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    How to export list of suppliers with their Ariba Network ID's

    Gaurav Bansal Journeyman

      Hi there,


      I want to have a file which lists all the suppliers duly reflecting their AN (Ariba Network) ID's.

      At my Client's site, Ariba P2P implementation is going on. Ariba Sourcing is already active and running.

      Sometimes, what happens, when we ask a supplier to get himselft registered on Ariba P2P (like for Catalog), supplier asks us that he has already got himself registered on Ariba Sourcing and he has participated in no. of Events (RFX's & Auctions).


      So, ideally, we are not supposted to create a new account for this supplier on Ariba. Hence, the only way to arrive at whether a supplier is registed on Client's Ariba portal is to run a scan and look for this supplier's AN ID.


      Now the issue is, I am not able to generate a list of Suppliers out of Ariba where I can found AN ID's of all the suppliers in one single column.

      I tried exporting list of suppliers by clicking on 'Manage' - 'Administration' - 'Supplier and Customer Manager' - 'Data Import/ Export', rather it gave me a list of suppliers with their Buyersystem ID's.


      Can anyone suggest how to get AN ID's of all the suppliers in one go?