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    Customer-specific PunchOut requirements

    Aarika Andrews Journeyman

      I'm trying to launch our punch-out catalog with a number of Ariba customers but am having a difficult time getting to the right person to finalize requirements.  The contact listed in my Ariba Network account doesn't have this information.  I'm looking to confirm the following so that we can go live:


      -        cXML version

      -        UNSPSC version (or list of codes accepted if the customer do not accept the complete list)

      -        UOM accepted

      -        Examples of cXML messages, including extrinic information



      Usually my contacts are buyers or commodity managers that don't have this level of technical information.  If Ariba has access to this on their customers' behalf and can share this, it'd be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Aarika Andrews

      Manager, eCommerce

      Rexel Holdings USA