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    How to configure the 'Summary' column in the History tab to reflect a particular message?

    Sohail Sodhi Journeyman

      Hi Friends


      I have developed a tool for closing POs automatically using a list of POs to be closed and their CompanyCodes.


      Thankfully, the entire tool is working as per specifications, barring just one issue.


      Although we are able to add a history record to the POs being processed, we are facing an issue with the data that is being populated in the Summary column of these records. Please refer to the screenshot below to see the type of data we are getting currently.


      History screenshot.jpg

      The Comments hyperlink redirects to a page where the appropriate Summary message is displayed.


      We have used an object of ariba.approvable.core.SimpleRecord in order to add the history record.


      Please note, while analysing the same in Inspector, I have found out that the Summary field in a Record is a derived field, and what is strange is that this field is of type ariba.approvable.core.Record, with its value being the current record (SimpleRecord) object. It seems that the summary is constructed using the record as a whole.


      Please advise how can we insert just the Summary text in the Summary column, without any hyperlinks, and without the text "HtmlFormat".


      Thanks and Regards

      Sohail Raj Singh Sodhi