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    How do you setup complex questions and answer formats in an event?

    reshma.rav Expert



      I would really appreciate some help from anyone out here.


      I am struggling to setup my RFPs in the below format in the most efficient manner and have failed miserably.


      FunctionalityRead and Understood (Y/N)Standard Functionality - STIf (CU/CF) is required, is there an additional cost? (Y/N)Comments
      Customizable - CU
      Configurable - CF
      Not Available - NA
      Future Functionality - FF

      Section 1- U/I and U/X Design

      Be able to completely understand the current aesthetic Company , and interpret this online to an internal team of designers, developers, producers, etc. understanding the needs of each of the users

      Superior user experience and accessibility of both content and check in/out of assets

      Create category and sub-category hierarchy that is easily understood by multiple users


      As you can see, the questions are on the left side as rows and suppliers need to provide multiple responses to a single question. Ariba doesn't really support this format - I have tried adding table sections, but they aren't of much help and greatly restrict grading. Even raising an Enhancement Request hasn't helped.


      Does anyone face this same problem with their complex RFxs?