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    Punchout Pricing

    howatan Journeyman

      Does anyone have suggestions for enforcing pricing on a punchout?  Since punchouts have 1,000's of items on a supplier's site (controlled by them), it's difficult to know if we're getting the best pricing.  Could you potentially use a supplier/catalog level contract with a discount pricing term?  What is best practice here?  Thanks

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          Amit Gupta Master

          Hello Howard,


          I think Ariba buyer would not be a right place to know if you are getting a best price because in Ariba buyer we only maintains the suppliers with whom we are already in contract and already purchasing goods from them. Hence in a way with Ariba Buyer we are only working on a small group of suppliers though there are many suppliers available in the market who can offer you better price. Probably Ariba Discovery is the solution to your query where you can search for all suppliers in your geographical region which are dealing with the product you are looking to purchase and can also compare their prices. Below is the link for Ariba discovery which is much similar to any e-commerce site and easy to use.



          Once you are satisfied with the offerings of a supplier, you can setup him up in your Buyer and place orders for the same.



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            Mark Davis Expert

            Hi Howard--


            This is a common issue with PunchOut Catalogs—how can they be audited? Right now, there isn't a contract product that can validate prices for items returning from a PunchOut Catalog.


            This is where the relationship between the Supplier and your company becomes paramount. Because the PunchOut pricing control resides with your Supplier, it is important that your company:

            • Engage only a trusted partner Supplier when utilizing a PunchOut catalog
            • Have a contract in place for the items being purchased on the PunchOut site
            • Have specific language in the contract, dealing with PunchOut Catalogs and price updates, and specifically around price-volitile commodities
            • Conduct periodic audits on a sample group of SKUs, that can be compared on a periodic basis—monthly, quarterly, or whatever makes sense in your industry


            Hope this helps.



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