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    Can Account Assignments be filtered in Ariba ( so users would view and select account assignment for their own profile)

    researchscholar007 Master

      Hi Ariba Experts,


      My client wants to filter the account assignment values, so the users can select the account assignments available for them.

      In SRM, account assignment codes can be assigned as user attributes, so individual users can view the account assignments relevant to their business operations.

      We have 40 account assignments, and in present Ariba setup, all 40 are available in drop down menu. Though the description are self explanatory this is too long a list for a business users.

      Purchasing units are usually be used for filtering, however, AccountType.csv , AccountAssignmen.csv do not have purchasing Unit as a column.. so we are stuck up...

      Any suggestions?

      We wan to explore if there is any standard solution or a work around possible, before we start a custom development.