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    Sourcing project and contract reports duplicate values across categories

    Matthew Goddard Novice



      My organisation recently implemented Ariba and have just got our dashboards configured and pushed out to the team.


      Our procurement function is structured by categegory and therefore it makes sense to do the same with our reports, however we have run into an issue on sourcing and contracts reporting.


      If a contract or sourcing project is for more than one category any reports that detail the 'value' (TCV for example) duplicate the value of the single contract or sourcing project across each of the categories, inflating the value within each category.


      For example, a contract is for both IT hardware and IT services and this is entered in to header information, the value is £1m. When a report is pulled for the value of contracts in each category, but IT hardware and IT services will show £1m when actually it is £1m total, spread across both categories.


      I'm just wondering how others have dealt with this issue and achieved meaningful reporting... one option we are considering is to create custom header fields that require users to enter a value for each category selected.


      Any opinions / thoughts would be valuable.


      Regards, Matt