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    Which P2P Customers Want The Ability To Mass Close Purchase Orders By Uploading A File?

    Brian Levow Master

      In the next P2P release due out in a few weeks, Ariba is going to have a new feature that allows customers to more easily close orders.  It can be done by setting a configuration based on the age of a PO and it can also be done by looking up PO's through a search and bulk closing them.  I'm sure that for some companies, this is a welcome enhancement.  For my company, this doesn't work.  Our Finance Department has their own process for assessing which orders should be closed, and unfortunately they don't fit nicely into a specific age or into some other criteria that makes it simple to search for them and close them.  We need to have the ability to upload a file into the system that contains all of the POs we wish to close, and have the system close them all out in bulk.  I know that many of you share this same need.  I'd appreciate it if you could express your support for this by posting back to this discussion thread.  Also, my company's enhancement request on Ariba Connect is 1-BFX4JJ.  Please feel free to submit your own ER and reference mine.  Thanks for your support!