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    Linkage between Contract Management and SIPM

    ap65 Journeyman



      We currently have the Ariba Contract Management module and we are contemplating on the Ariba SIPM module.


      I was hoping to gain some insight / experiences / guidance into the following:

      • The level of linkage between the Contract Management module and the SIPM module.
      • I would like to implement SIPM in such a way that supplier management can be completed at the contract level. One of the solution consultants advised the following:
        • I would have to have a custom header field for the Contract Workspace ID and that the Contract Workspace ID can be pulled from the CM module
        • Then I would have to create multiple SPM projects under the same supplier with the differentiating factor being the Contract Workspace ID field


      Does anyone have experience in using SIPM to manage at the contract level? If so, can you please share how you've configured the system to do this? Does the above approach make sense?