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    Can email link open directly to Supplier Performance Survey?

    jdp Journeyman

      I want to send a Supplier Performance Survey to both internal participants (my company) and external participants (supplier).  I would prefer that participants click a link and are taken directly to a survey.  At the very least, I would like participants to click a link and be taken to a Home page workspace that shows the Supplier Performance Survey link.  Currently, the participants are taken to a workspace that doesn't show the survey link (e.g., the Contracts workspace or Sourcing workspace), and they have to navigate back to the Home page workspace to see the link.


      Is there a way for me to configure the settings, so the email link opens directly to the survey?


      If not, is there a way for me to hide the Contract, Sourcing, and Supplier workspaces to participants, so they only see the Home page workspace?


      I want the survey process to be as easy as possible, so that I can get a higher response rate.


      Thank you.