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    Ariba Customer Success:  'May" I ask.....are you busy as a bee?

    Beverly Dunn Master

      BUSY -  /bizē/


      Having a great deal to do.


      Keep occupied: "she busied herself with her new home"


      Whether you are:

        Busy as a bee

        Busy as a beaver

        Busy as a humming bird with two tails


      The fact is we are all busy!  I keep hoping for that moment when things will slow down so I can catch my breath, clean up my inbox, and read that article I pushed aside for later. Fact is, not sure that moment is going to just present itself.  I have made a promise that I am going to carve out time in my day solely to focus on the ‘little’ things that I seem to never get around to!  Maybe you are doing that, too.


      Well, part of the ‘busy as a bee’ comment earlier is the work we have been doing to bring exciting new content to our Customer Success Group on Ariba Exchange.  If you haven’t been out there in a while, you should stop by and take a look.  If you haven't joined, it's easy.  If you are a current Ariba customer, just click here and request to join  So much has been added it would be tough to mention it all, but maybe I can sum up the stuff you should come and see.


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      2. Webinar II: We Love Logistics: How UPS Keeps Things Moving with Supplier Enablement
      3. Webinar III: Supplier Enablement is a Program, Not a Project
      4. Webinar V: Seller Integration Options on the Ariba Network


      Best Practice Center Webinars- register here or access replay on webinars provide the resources, tools, and best practice insights you need to drive greater adoption, better user experience, knowledge of the Ariba solutions, and more.


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      Use Ariba Exchange by posting a question about how to do something or approach a new situation, write a blog, or answer other people’s posts. This is a community of Ariba users, new and old, that we can leverage to help you get more value, get there faster, and meet new friends along the way!