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    Read-only access to the User Manager workspace

    Elizabeth Lettie Expert

      Good Evening!

      Has anyone set up read-only access to the User Manager workspace? We'd like to be able to see things like the listing of "All Users with Current Permission" or "AllPermissions" granted to a particular user, without being able to actually create/edit users, permissions, roles, or groups.


      Alternatively, does anyone have a query that can be run to show these comprehensive listings? I need to report on all permissions that a user has, regardless of if they were directly granted or obtained via a role that was attached to a group, that is a child group of another group, etc.





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          AribaMax Master

          Hi Beth,


          In general, access to objects can be restricted to either read or write capabilities by virtues of user permissions mapped via ObjectPermissions object. We haven't implement that feature in our application for reasons of our own.


          We just give access to specific workspaces under the Administrator to only authorized "Admins" of that workspace.

          e.g. only a few "Admins" would be given access to the User Manager workspace. Hence, only they are allowed to edit/create Groups, Roles and Permissions.


          We use the query/report route to provide the list of privileges and their users, to other Business users.

          For the report, do you want to include the default permissions, if any,  (assigned to all users in your application)?

          If there are such permissions, roles or groups, I would suggest to remove them from the query/report, to make the report smaller and yet eliminate obvious/default data.


          - Shashikanta

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