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    Interface to create Purchase Order in Ariba

    Rema V Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am new to Ariba and trying to integrate my procurement solution with an Ariba implementation.

      The flow I am looking for, is a little different from the general recommended flow. In our case,


      - the approval of the items in the cart is in the procurement solution (not Ariba).

      - once approved, the order will be transfered to Ariba. This will create a PO in Ariba and pass the Ariba PO number number back to the procurement solution for reference.


      I am trying to find out how I can achieve that.

      How can I send a Punchout Request to Ariba, to automatically create a PO and pass back the PO number? Is it possible?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks !

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          Scott Corbett Master

          Rema - I've done this before via a requisition import. As approvals are already done, just have the req submit in Buyer with no approvals.


          Ariba has constructs in place to allow Req Import.

          Are you using Ariba in the cloud or are do you have it installed on-premise? On-premise, look for the CSV files RequisitionHeader.csv and RequisitionDetail.csv and run the RequisitionImport data pull.