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    How to go back to 'Document Choice' once you have already selected a document out of it in the Project

    Gaurav Bansal Journeyman

      Hi there,


      I am facing a slight issue.


      I am in the process of creating a Template for 'FULL PROJECT'. There is one task 'Price Negotiation Event' where i have associated a list of Auction Events (Dutch, Reverse, Forward......) as 'Document Choice'.

      Now, for eg. when inside a project, I selected one of the events let's say 'Dutch Reverse Auction' available under Document choice to create an auction event. Afterwards, I thought that it would be better if I go for Normal Reverse Auction, now there I cannot go back on the Event choices.

      Once a choice is made, made. You have to go with it.


      Now, is there any way by which I can go back to event choices post choice-selection?