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    In OnDemand, is there a configuration which enables the generation of multiple contract workspaces?

    Coretta Christy Newbie



      A customer runs a sourcing project in Ariba.

      The sourcing project has an RFP which ask suppliers to select the Regions they can support/deliver a particular service.


      The result of the sourcing project is 1 Master Agreement and multiple sub-agreements ( 10 - 200 subagreements with different suppliers base on the Regions they've selected).


      Currently, they are using OnPremise solutions and the above scenario has been customised for them.

      They are keen on moving their platform to OnDemand.


      Is the above scenario configurable in OnDemand?

      Can someone provide me with some possible workarounds for this?


      Your inputs will be much appreciated.

      Thank you.