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    Abriba Integration with SAP PI

    pavan thiruveedula Apprentice

      Dear Experts,


      I am SAP PI consultant. currently i am working on integration requirement with ARIBA. where  we need to upload ARIBA Spend Analytic .CSV files  into Ariba. We can achieve this by installing Ariba integration tool in our Landscape. But my client want to use SAP PI as integration tool. Please share your Ideas how can i implement my scenario.



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          gemcbride Newbie


          The only interface we have is the integration toolkit or with SAP SPM (Ariba SV can handle SAP SPM formatted files).  If you need additional information I'd be happy to arrange a call.



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              pavan thiruveedula Apprentice

              Hi Geralyn,


              Thanks for the Prompt response. Ariba team shared Integration tool kit . If we use Integration tool kit, Then there won't be need to use SAP PI.


              But, My client want to use PI as data transfer tool between SAP ECC and Ariba.  PI will transfer the data using adapters. these  are  few approaches we can post the data in Ariba.


              File Adapter:..If Ariba team ready to share their FTP directory details, then PI will take care of data posting.


              SOAP Adapter: If Ariba team provide their  WSDL then PI will consume the WSDL and post the data.


              Is there any way that we can achieve using PI as a Data transfer tool.?


              As you said we can use SAP SPM. Can you explian in details about this approach.


              I would really appreciate if you arrange call and this is contact number is

              +91 9892398599.


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              varun goel Journeyman

              Hi Pavan,


              We have recently went live with Ariba integration using SAP PI as middleware. We have used ITK to upload master data to Ariba. These master data files are generated in the S4 system using ABAP program in .csv formats. Then PI interface runs and bring those .csv files to PI server, where a zip batch job will collect those files into a zip file. This zip will be placed into the InDir of ITK folder. Our basis team have scheduled Ariba ITK job on PI server NWA which will run and pick that zip file to load master data (wbs elements, company codes, user data, etc) on to Ariba instance.


              Let me know incase you need more information on this.



              Varun Goel