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    Request for step-by-step guide for creating effective supplier performance surveys for participants

    jdp Journeyman

      I am trying to send a supplier performance survey to business unit participants within my organization and to supplier participants outside my organization.  I want to achieve a high participation rate, so the process for accessing and completing the survey should not be cumbersome.


      Currently, the process is very cumbersome.  Participants that click on the email link are sometimes taken to a registration page, but sometimes they are asked to log into the system.  In the latter case, they have to click on the "forgot password" link, but still cannot access the survey (possibly due to approval verification requirements).


      For participants that can successfully complete the registration, they are taken to a dashboard that does not even contain the survey link (e.g., Contracts).  In these cases, the participant must know to click to the Home dashboard and navigate to the To Do window to find the survey link.


      Since surveys are a key method for gathering information into the Ariba system, I am having a hard time believing that the process for creating, sending, and opening surveys is really this difficult.  I think it is possible that the difficulty is due to the way I have set up the users, created the survey, and sent the survey.  Therefore, I want to know the correct, most effective way to perform this task.


      I would like to receive a step-by-step guide with screen shots that correctly shows how to set up users, create surveys, and send surveys in such a way that participants can easily open, navigate, and complete surveys.  If no such guide exists, I would like to request someone at Ariba to reperform the correct steps in a test environment, document the steps (with screen shots), and send me the document.  The document should show the process for both internal and external participants, if different.


      Thank you.