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    Archive For Analysis Data?

    rdesantis1 Expert

      I've seen recent posts about a coming purge process for ACW and AS, but no mention of Analysis.  Is anyone aware of a process for archiving Analysis data records after X number of years? Or has anyone developed their own process for doing this?


      Our Analysis database is huge (over 100M records), and we're looking for a way to archive data more than 12 - 18 months old onto an offline storage server that could be made available for legal or audit purposes, if needed.


      Thank you.

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          Scott Corbett Master

          Hi Rebecca - I haven't actually done this, however the approach I would take would be to use the "Export Star Schema" functionality in the Spend Visibility Manager console for your back-up on external storage (can be done by date). If you need it for legal, you can always import it back in, or import it on a non-Production environment for the audit.


          To get rid of the data in Analysis, I would just leverage the existing Analysis Delete load functionality. It's a purge, not a set Active to false. For example, you could copy or extend the POLineDelete to grab anything with a data older that 2010.