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    How can I use Ariba Contracts Pro for day to day tasks?

    anne randall Newbie

      We use Contracts Pro to enter contracts but use a very large excel file to track what we are doing with each contract on a day-to-day basis (governance, security, financials, etc).  The spreadsheet has become very tedious to manage. And with 5 us in the department now, we have tried to use the "share workbook" in excel but it never fails, that someone's work does not get saved.  We have a weekly meeting and we each print our section of the excel spreadsheet for the meeting - which takes forever since only one person can go in at a time. 


      Someone told me that they thought there was a function in Pro that could help us track the contracts.  I've asked the go to people, but no one has a clue.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!