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    Ariba & SAP

    anu Apprentice

      I am new to Ariba. I would like to know the difference between Ariba & SAP R/3. Is it integrated with MM/SRM?? Can you pls. explain in brief or share some documents??

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          researchscholar007 Master

          i am working on replacing SRM with Ariba. Check my thread - Ariba EasterEggs - my discovery of Ariba. If you know SRM and have ECC as backend, you would be facing similar issues, roadblocks as i mentioned.


          Do you have any specific questions?


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            Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

            Hi Anu:


            I checked with a colleague that works on the SAP and Ariba integration team. Here's the guidance she provided:


            SAP ERP (MM and FICO) and SAP SRM are complementary to Ariba – they can integrate over the Ariba Network to collaborate with trading partners on PO’s and related documents, Invoices, and Cash Management options.  SAP has a Rapid Deployment Solution offering to connect these components seamlessly with supplier enablement included.  For more information please visit www.sap.com/aribanetwork




            Debbie Curtis-Magley

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              researchscholar007 Master


              a good starting point is to check the Data Dictionary ( it is with some inconsistencies, however it would give you an idea about what is required, and how it is integrated)

              If you have access to Ariba, then under help tab, you can find the documentation.


              1. Ariba - Common Data Import and Administration Guide

              2. Ariba - Procurement Solutions Integration Guide for SAP

              3. Ariba - Procurement User guide

              4. Ariba - purchasing unit guide - This is an important concept in Ariba.

              5. Ariba Getting Started User Guide

              6. UNSPSC code for procurement consultant SAP

              First word ‘Ariba’ is my renaming, but you can find the document with rest of the name

              You can also visit the http://exchange.ariba.com/thread/2917 - this is a thread I started to share the undocumented or unclear aspects , points and hurdles one can face while implementing Ariba on demand

              Hope this helps

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                  anu Apprentice

                  Hi Debbie,


                  I am presently working on SAP SRM 5.0(Support project)  for one of the

                  prestigious client in the world. I am now intrested to learn SAP ARIBA and

                  work on it. SAP ARIBA has different modules in it. Can you please guide me

                  which module is more related to SAP SRM in ARIBA? Which helps me to build a

                  career in SAP ARIBA.


                  Thank you so much for all your help being done.






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                      researchscholar007 Master

                      Ariba P2O would be your good bet.

                      PS--> you replied to my reply and asjed the question,  but your post is directed to Debbie, who is a diff person.

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                        Pramod Mallya Journeyman

                        Hello Anu,


                        You can look at the P2P solution which covers from Requisitioning -> Ordering -> Receiving -> Invoicing. Also you can explore Contract management and the Sourcing solution which might be of help and you would be able to relate to from the SRM standpoint.


                        Also you can look at the integration perspective between Ariba and different ERP systems which might be the key requirement in any of the Ariba implementation as most of the clients would obviously make use of their existing ERP landscape for most of the activities.




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                          Vilas Swamy Master