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    Contract Requests Created by Buyer

    krenzet Novice

      Hi All - I am wondering if there is any best practice documentation or if anyone has any insight on how to close out a contract request after a follow-on project has been created, essentially satisfying the request?  Currently the contract request is left in "Draft" status and "Needs Approval".  Please see the example below.


      Thank you for your help


      Contract Request Example.jpg

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          Leslie Martensen Master



          The general practice is that a contract request is created and approved and then a contract workspace is then create. That said this my not be the process that is used or needed at your company and therefore, we would suggest that you create a process that once the contract worksapce is published someone will close the associated contract request.  Somce companies will close the contract request after the contract workspace is created.


          I hope this helps

          Leslie Martensen

          Sr. Product Manager - Ariba Contracts

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