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    Legacy Contract Import - effort for a large quantity of legacy contracts?

    Michael Cusack Expert

      I work as the technical lead on our IT team, supporting the Ariba product suite.  We use most of the modules, including ACW.  We have recently been approached by one of our business units, that is considering using ACW as their contracts repository.  They have nearly 8000 legacy contracts!  We have used the Contract Import process on a limited basis in the past.  My question is to see if anyone has used the contract import process for a large volume of contracts?  My concern is that just to get the data into the templates is itself a large effort.  Has anyone else used the import process for a large volume of contracts?  What was your experience?





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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Michael:


          Thanks for the question. I contacted Sharon Horton with the Ariba Best Practice Center and she offered the following guidance:


          “A number of our customers have loaded up to 25,000 or more contracts using legacy load.  It is true that the contracts data and documents have to be assembled for the zip file, this also depends on whether the data resided in electronic form in the first place.  Obviously, converting from paper is the most labor intensive, but will probably ensure a consistent set of data.  Many of the complaints about converting from other electronic formats is that the data is inconsistent.


          We also advise to start this load with the most active contracts and generally with the Masters.  Closed and/or expired contracts add low immediate value to the repository whereas getting the most current contracts in allows on-going work in the new system. 


          Some customers don’t bother at first with NDAs and/or certificates of insurance.  Later, these are incorporated into the repository as new workspaces are created for particular suppliers or as part of a supplier management process.


          Note that when doing the load, the zip file size limit is 100Meg, which means you can load a lot of contracts when the document file size is small, but if you have large document sizes (e.g. files stored as .tiffs) you may only be able to load a few contracts at a time.


          Some customers actually prefer loading their important contracts by hand, but this should be limited to perhaps the most important or active 100-200 contracts.  This isn’t practical for all 8,000 contracts.”


          I hope this guidance is helpful as you explore using ACW.


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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            rmyroniuk Expert

            Hello Michael,


            I have worked on deployments where the contract loads exceeded 80,000 in number. The effort comes in when looking at where the contract resides in your current state. If all of the contracts are in filing cabinets then that would require the customer to scan the contracts, and fill out the CSV files in our required format manually. Other options that I have seen are extracting out of ThirdParty systems and mapping the fields to the Ariba Legacy Load format. Whenever we loaded the 80,000 contracts we extracted from a Legacy system which made the effort significantly less.


            Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks,

            Robert Myroniuk

            Ariba, an SAP Company - Consultant - Source to Pay

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              jambrose Expert

              Hi Michael, I have first hand experience in loading legacy contracts.  As you expected, I found the exercise to be very data intensive and time consuming.  Due to the import size limitations I uploaded in batches of about 50; it takes more time however it also simplifies the data cleansing and error correction. After defining the scope of your workspace and figuring out the first couple of uploads, the work could be subcontracted or completed by detail oriented interns.  It is not a quick process, however it is worth it to achieve a central contract repository with reporting capabilities. 

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                Douglas Cook Novice

                Michael, I understand your questions and concerns regarding the challenges of importing large amount of contracts.  This is where Seal (Search Extract And Load) cDiscovery and Analytics specifically addresses these issues and concerns with our enterprise clients, including those that use Ariba as their CLM.  Seal Software, a Global Organization, is a unique, out-of-the-box enterprise solution that searches, identifies, extracts and cleanses metadata in contracts (whether it is a PDF, tif, gif, word, etc) providing clear and comprehensive reporting and alerting capabilities while converting all documents into a PDF and making them searchable and will push all data in an organized fusion into Ariba.  We have processed over 12,000,000 contracts for more than 100 enterprise companies, including 5 of the Top 10 Banks in the world, as well as several Fortune 100 companies and members of the Big 4.  By having this awareness, you have a much more expediency of contract review, fully searchable contract corpus and multi-user access for concurrent edits, lower total processing cost per contract, visibility into procurement savings, and higher levels and awareness of contract intelligence.  Its helps to streamline your contract drafting, approval and archiving process, as well as allowing key business managers to manage key milestones and contract obligations. 


                We have had the software installed and running at times within 18 minutes and results in as little as a week.  I would encourage you to sit through a session I can host to see how this works and if it has value to you, which from your questions, I see tremendous value.  Please take a look at www.seal-software.com