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    Web-Service Error for Import Sourcing Project

    Samiullah Qureshi Apprentice

      Hi Experts,


      We are integrating our ERP with Ariba On-Demand solution. We will implement upstream intergation using web-services. We will call SourcingProjectImport web-service from our EAI to create sourcing project in Ariba.


      We have went through the steps given in Upstream integration guide and followed the steps given in it.


      We have configured the inbound end point using http authentication and enabled SourcingProjectImport web-service. Then, we have downloaded the WSDL file for the web-service. We have tested the web-service. We are getting following fault response when calling the web-service :




      <Faultcode>Internal Server Error</Faultcode>

      <Faultstring>Could not find processor for request</Faultstring>

      <Detail>Invalid incoming request /Sourcing/soap/C86/XXXXXX/SourcingProjectImport?null</Detail>




      Do anyone have any idea if we are missing any setting / configuration or some additional configuration required at our Ariba site ?



      Thanks & Regards,