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    Information about the condition functionality for Assembled Documents

    Ram R Apprentice

      I need more information about the condition functionality for documents being made visible in the upstream process. I am assuming the following scenario has already been dealt.


      Once I upload the main agreement and contract addendum's into the template folder assigned in Ariba; these get copied into every Contract Workspace (Sales) that is created by the user when he/she selects the respective template during the Contract creation process. Here the contract creation process is the creation of a Contract Workspace (Sales).

      My company has 4 versions of NDA, 2 PSA's and 3 BAA's that get copied for each version of the Contract Workspace(Sales) for a specific template.

      Is there a way to limit the visibility of these documents within the Contract Workspace (Sales)? i.e when a new Contract Workspace (Sales) is created  using a pre-defined template, then I want to enable only the NDA's or just the PSA's or just the BAA's being made visible based on the contract type.

      Bottomline, I want to control the visibility of the documents based on the contract type that is selected during the creation of the Contract Workspace (Sales)


      Is there a  way to do this?

      I tried configuring a condition that is closely related to the contract type but I am not sure how to associate the visibility of the documents within a condition.

      All valuable suggestions are appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          rmyroniuk Expert

          Hello Ram,


          To make a document show or not show based on a condition do the following:


               1. Access the Template that house the assembled documents

               2. Access the Conditions tab and create 1 condition per Contract Type (i.e. the condition that will control the document visibility). Example below:



               3. After the condition has been created then apply the condition on the documents tab to the agreement you want to apply the condition to.




          Another option is to create multiple templates (i.e. one for each authored agreement type) and apply the above condition to the template. To do this go to the overview tab and click Action -> Edit (parallel to properties) and add the condition at the bottom of the screen.


          Hope this helps!


          Robert Myroniuk

          Ariba Consultant - Source to Pay (S2P)

          Ariba, an SAP Company