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    Customizing Notifications

    Ram R Apprentice



      Of-late, I have been getting a lot of erratic notifications for the tasks and contract workspaces. I have not even worked on. I am looking at ways to stop such emails or even try to configure them my way so that these notifications don’t keep disturbing the internal stakeholders that are operating within the capacity of the given Contract Workspace.


      Example of an erratic notification


      A contract manager from the compliance team changed a few contract workspaces and he received a weekly summary of the contracts in an email from the Ariba Administrator.The weird part is that the subject line of the email highlights a contract workspace that was not even worked on in the recent past. Further, the contract workspaces that were referenced in the body of the email were also not worked upon or even modified.


      At my side, I tried managing the notification preferences at the user profile level and email notification preferences. But from what I understand, these preferences are tailored more at the system level than at the Task or Template level. Any suggestions are welcome.


      Thanks in advance.

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          rmyroniuk Expert

          Hello Ram,


          If you already loaded the users without modifying the preferences before the load you will be stuck with the OOTB defaults. Unfortunately, users will need to manually modify their notification preferences by clicking the Preferences link and selecting Notification Preferences. This is not something that can be done acting as other users. I would recommend creating a Quick Reference Guide to send to the business that provides your recommendations if you're in a production environment. The emails being sent in summary is a preference that can be changed in the same area (e.g. notification preferences). In Addition, if you're in a test environment Ariba recommends placing the following email address to prevent messages from going out to users: no-reply@ansmtp.ariba.com.


          Contract Notifications can be customized by an Administrator by accessing Manage > Administrator > Project Manager > Project Email Templates. From this screen you can modify the content of the message so that it makes more sense for your end users. You can also grab fields from the Workspace and populate the emails with the information contained in that specific workspace (e.g. Contract Id, Effective & Expiration Date ect).


          Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks,


          Robert Myroniuk

          Ariba Consultant - Source to Pay (S2P)

          Ariba, an SAP Company

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