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    Not possible to search on team member in certain project group

    Gunilla Svensson Novice

      If there are others that have the same problems as described below, please feel free to support ER # 1-CK2IIL and ER # 1-CIZ5PV, in this discussion thread or elsewhere.


      We use Contract Management Pro, and want to be able to search on persons in any kind of role, without finding all contracts where that person has any kind of role.


      For the first issue, we have filed Enhancement Request ER # 1-CK2IIL.

      Today when searching on a person as Team Member, you find all contracts where this person is member of any type of Project group(s) on the Team Tab. Thus, if you want to
      search for contracts where that person has a specific role (being a member of one group rather than another), without finding all other contracts where that
      person has a different role, this is not possible. Nor is it possible to report on this.

      Example: A person may be a member of the project group Observers on all contracts (i.e. hundreds or thousands), but a member of the project group Finance Approver on some
      contracts. We would like to search for and report on the contracts where this person is a member of the Finance Approver group only, i.e. first select which project group to search on and then specify which person to search on within that project group.

      Note that this person will not be Project owner for the contracts we search for, thus we cannot use the option of searching for "Owner (Direct)".

      We also note that is it indeed possible to select any project groups when doing a mass edit, so there is an inconsistency between the 2 functions.


      For the second issue, we filed Enhancement Request ER # 1-CIZ5PV.

      Another related problem is that is today is not possible to search or report on the fields "Expiration e-mail recipient" or "Notice e-mail recipient". In those fields, you add a person who is not the project owner (since he/she already automatically receives the notifications). However, there is today no way to find the contracts where a certain person is added as recipient, not in a search, nor in a report. Since basically all other fields are searchable, why not make those fields searchable as well? We first thought of a work around, to add a Project group as recipient, and then populate that group on the Team tab, but as shown above, we would still not be able to search for contracts where a person is added with a certain role.


      Grateful for any comments and/or support!