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    How do you drive users to buy the right parts or buy from the right catalogs?

    rdesantis1 Expert

      We are an On Premise customer with the full Ariba P2P Suite.  Our Procurement department is asking for some enhancements to the requisitioning process to try to force users to buy the correct parts, and from the correct punchout suppliers, by automatically replacing one part with another.  The proposal is to have table of 'undesirable' parts and if one is returned from a punchout, replace Part A with Part B automatically.  And Part B may or may not be from the same supplier.

      A second, less rigid suggestion, was to display a warning only if a part on the 'undesirable' parts list is returned from a punchout.


      Has anyone else tried to force users to certain items or suppliers, other than relying on the supplier to remove those parts from their punchout?