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    Selenium Compatibility Question

    Scott Corbett Master

      Can you provide additional details on the 9r2 Selenium Compatibility? Are customers expected to download and install Selenium or will Ariba be packaging a customized version of Selenium? The reason I ask is that corporate policies require us to certify new software. Therefore if we need to download and install Selenium ourselves, I will need to know what components (Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid and any 3rd party plugins) are required.

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          Jason Brown Master

          Ariba will not be providing Selenium as part of an installation package. This is an open source application, so it is easily available (http://www.seleniumhq.org/) and you should follow your standard policies for downloading, installation, testing, and certification.


          During the 9r2 Webinar regarding Selenium support, we will be providing all the components necessary in order to take advantage of this feature.



          Jason Brown

          Dir., Product Management - Ariba On-Premise Procurement Suite

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