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    Information on using Ariba to run on-line bidding

    Andy Martin Newbie

      Can anyone tell me about the capabilities of using Ariba to manage on-line bidding efforts?  (Posting specifications, collecting bids, managing quesitons, awarding projects, etc.)

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          David Landsman Journeyman

          Ariba Discovery is a fabulous tool where you can rapidly and effectively find new suppliers, collect bids, manage Q & A and award projects. The best part about Ariba Discovery is, it is free for you to use as a buyer.

          Navigate to
          http://discovery.ariba.com , register as a buyer. Once you enter your criteria suppliers that have the capacity, capability and desire to meet your requirements will respond to you. There is no cost to you to use this tool and the speed of the marketplace will help shrink your sourcing/supplier research timeline. All the Q & A takes place inside the individual event, so you can keep the discussions compartmentalized.  The ability to award projects to responding suppliers is also available through the Ariba Discovery tool.

          With over 730,000 connected suppliers on the Ariba Network I am confident we can support your needs.

          If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck!


          David Landsman

          Ariba Discovery


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