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    Changing the Notifications Preferences

    Ram R Apprentice

      I am very much aware that Ariba Contract Management Solution includes a default notification profile that is available in all project templates. As indiciated, the Ariba solution at my client side has the default notification applied for all the templates. However, based on a new requirement, I want the administrator to have the flexibility to enable a custom notification profile allowing the administrator to specify the notification intervals and recipients. Currently, all the templates are assigned to the default  notification profile allowing me less flexibility to select the create a custom notification profile. Is there a way to break this ordeal;
      Firstly enabling the Custom Notification Profile for all the project templates. Where can  I customize the settings for the same?


      All thoughts are welcome.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Leslie Martensen Master

          You can create custom notification profiles at the template level.  Here is basic information on how do create multiple templates.


          On the Tasks tab in the template they can click on Actions > Notification Profiles where they can click New to create new profiles.  Then in the desired tasks they will be able to select one of the new profiles created.


          I would also recommend taking with our Best Practices team as they can look at the business case you are trying to solve and help you implement a solution if possible.



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