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    Installing Ariba 9r1 with weblogic 10.3

    Frédéric Henri Expert



      I work with a customer who wants to user their 9r1 instance with the newly supported weblogic 10.3

      As the instance will be moved from one server to another and they're moving from Solaris to Linux we're trying to make a new install

      Below are the steps we went through :

      - install 9r1 (no config)

      - install sp26.03 and run udt

      - reconfigure 9r1


      when reconfiguring the system will configure our weblogic

      we faced the following issue :


      - the install expects to find JVM information from the registry.xml from weblogic, however weblogic is not shipped with JVM/Jrockit anymore so those informations are not present

      --> we modified the Sourcing/Server/lib/perl/Ariba/WebLogic/Util.pm script to pass through this step and gave the system the location of expected JVM


      - when configuring a brand new domain, the server cannot start due to an authentication error : Ariba creates the boot.properties file at the root of the domain while weblogic expects this file under security directory


      - if we try to use a domain that has been created directly under weblogic 10.3 there's also some mismatch between where the files are located and where ariba expects to find them


      has anyone running the install of 9r1 with weblogic 10.3 ? were there any difficulties ?

      Is Ariba supporting the installation of the software with weblogic 10.3 or only on a run mode ?




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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Fred:


          If you haven't done so already, our On-Premise team suggests that you to contact Ariba Support directly to help resolve the issues you're experiencing.




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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            agarwal Apprentice

            We installed SP29 w/ Weblogic 10.3 on Windows 64 bit machine running 64 bit JVM for testing purposes.


            I think within the docs there is a step which tells you to update the registry.xml with JVM information. Did you update it to something like this:


            <product format="1.0" name="WebLogic Platform">

                  <release level="10.3" ServicePackLevel="6" PatchLevel="0" Status="installed" BeaProgramGroup="Oracle WebLogic" StartMenu="C:\Users\HelloWorld\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" InstallTime="Sep 12, 2013 10:05:55 AM" InstallDir="C:\bea\wlserver_10.3" JavaHome="C:\jdk1.7" JavaVersion="1.7.0_40" JavaVendor="Sun">


            <java-installation Name="jdk170_40" JavaHome="C:\jdk1.7" JavaVersion="1.7.0_40" JavaVendor="Sun" Architecture="64" Platform="win">

                  <dependent-product Name="WebLogic Platform" Version=""/>



            We also defined JAVA_HOME, and update the usual BEA windows batch files pointing to jvm path.


            The difficult part for us was to successfully complete loaddb process.




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                Frédéric Henri Expert

                Hi Anuj,


                Makes sense, I thought of that too but the weblogic is installed by the admin with another user I did not have right to edit - I'll check what we can do.

                can you point me to the documentation you refer ? I remembered we had a Readme.1st file with the previous version of weblogic with the few things to run but I did not find somthing similar for the latest version of weblogic




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                    agarwal Apprentice

                    The latest Ariba Spend Management Setup Guide (setup.pdf v12) has this. There is a section for "Upgrading to WebLogic 11gR1"

                    Also if you look up connect there is a good documentation for Red Hat Linux and Weblogic 10.3 which has a upgrade doc attached. (Solution #:   140462)


                    You will see references on how to manage boot.properties etc.

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