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    Mass editing Contracts' status

    Aarika Andrews Journeyman

      Is there a way to mass edit my contracts' status?  We have a number of individuals who have left the company and have used the mass editor to change ownership to their replacements.  However, many of these contracts are left in Draft status.  I'd like to avoid having my new category managers go through and publish out each of their new workspaces, as there are over 2,500 contracts needing publishing.  Also, some have uncomplete required tasks associated to them.  Leaving the contracts in Draft status is undesirable as expiration emails are not generated while the agreement is Authoring.  I considered using the legacy import, using only the Owner, ID, Title, and status, but I fear this may wipe out data rather than replace or edit.


      Anyone have to go through a similar exercise?

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          Leslie Martensen Master

          The reason we do not allow for Mass Edits to contract status is that this is an active field with code behind it. When the status changes other processes are kicked off that affect  both upstream and downstream. Also, legacy load is not an option as this is only allowed for initial loads and not for modifications.


          Leslie Martensen

          Sr. Product Manager