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    On-Premise 9r2 Downstream Features - PO Close Enhancements & IR Rejection Handling

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      As part of the 9r2 Readiness series, on October 24th, 2013 Ariba conducted a webinar on the upcoming 9r2 features - PO Close Enhancements and IR Rejection Handling

      Webinar Date/Time: October 24th, 2013, 11 AM ET

      Webinar Speaker: Hari Babu Krishnan (hkrishnan@ariba.com and hari.krishnan@sap.com) and Jason Brown (jasonbrown@ariba.com and jason.brown@sap.com)

      Webinar PPT and Recording: https://connect.ariba.com/ACgo2/1,,150646,00.html

      We will use this forum to answer the questions that came up in the webinar and any additional questions on these two features that you may have. Please feel free to raise any questions as a comment, so that we can answer here so that the entire community may benefit.

      Find the answers for the questions raised in th webinar below.


      PO Close Enhancements





      Typical Workflow is as below:

      -        Requisition Created

      -        Approved

      -        Order Generated

      -        Receive few of the items from the list

      -        Go to order and Close them.

      Question is, will this closure happen automatically or need to be manually performed?

      Order closure need to be manually done and there aren’t any configurations to effect this automatically.


      What if you just want to close an order without approval?

      Default workflow will add approvers. Users can customize the approval rules here if no approval needed.


      Also, what if you have a limit order, that doesn't require receiving

      As per the OOTB approval rules Blanket PO’s don’t need any approvers. Again this could be customized.


      Can you close the order even if there is no partial receipt?

      No, this cannot be done. An exception will be thrown.


      Does the change to the PO send a change order out to the supplier?

      Yes, a change order will be sent out to the supplier.


      1.      The second version of the PR, that gets generated after the order closure, need to be approved. From the business side it can be cumbersome to re-approve something which was approved again.

      2.      The initial total amount had already been approved. Why would I want to ask for another approval? Isn't this more confusing for the approver?

      Approval Rules can be customized for this to suit the customer needs. But this will give more clarity on what actually is actually being received and show accurate information wherever applicable.


      Please add your comments in this page if this does not answer your question.


      Is there a plan to show previously rejected bucket on the receiving screen?

      1. We are not doing that in 9r2.


      What triggers the auto rejection?

      As explained, a scenario where the tolerance limit configured is expired.


      If a line item value is $0, do we still needs to receive it or Auto receive will take place.

      Auto Receive will work if that item / commodity is marked for Auto Receive. If this doesn’t answer your question get in touch with us, please.


      Can PR V2 be updated?

      You need to reopen the order then the PR can be changed /updated.


      If an order has 100 items, received 50, and there are 2 IR outstanding with 50 each. Can we close this order?

      1. Yes.


      IR Rejection Handling





      What triggers the auto rejection?

      As explained, a scenario where the tolerance limit configured is expired. Also refer to the OOTO Invoice Exception “PO Auto Reject Amount Variance”


      If Auto Rejection happens what comments are sent to the suppliers?

      No Comments will be sent o Supplier. Only status (Rejected) will be sent.


      Is there a plan to include selection list with the common reasons for the invoice rejection?

      1. this has to be manually entered.


      How the latency time will be addressed in the approval flow when some changes made in the IR? As we saw some time back in your demo?

      The latency time will be minimal and the users should not be impacted on this. It should be status quo in any case.


      Will email approval notification is supported through mobile apps?

      This will be supported through Mobile API for Downstream approvable. But please note that mobile app has to be built by the customers.


      When the supplier is invoicing for the higher amount/quantity shouldn’t the system give an error before rejecting saying that tolerance amount exceeds?

      Please check the OOTO Invoice Exception PO Auto Reject Amount Variance. If user sets “autoReject” to false, system allows the user to handle the exception (PO Quantity Variance) and take the appropriate action.


      On comments being sent back to suppliers on the network, what is the case if Supplier is not Registered in ASN

      This comment is mandatory (based on Parameter setting) only for AN suppliers. For Manual suppliers rejection comments are not required.


      Is it not better to stop user to submit when he cross the tolerance ... instead of Auto rejection?

      Same as 6


      Hari Babu

      Product Manager,

      Ariba On-Premise Upstream