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    Using the SIM profile

    Ram R Apprentice

      My customer has three fields at the Supplier side ( Vendor   -> Vendor Class -> Type of Services)

      Can we add custom fields in the Suppler Object?


      Further, the requirement is to drive the dynamic data selection by enabling a search and selection functionality to the levels mentioned above?


      If the above requirement is feasible, then there is a vital need to link these attributes to a  Contract Request?


      Bottomline,  is there a linkage between SIM  and Contract Management. I want to know how the  vendor class / services would come into play as part of the Contract Request Work Flow?


      Please let me know if there is an answer to any of the above questions.

        • Re: Using the SIM profile
          Maria Gammon Master

          Hi Ram,

          When you say "drive dynamic data selection by enabling search and selection", can you elaborate on this? Also from a SIM perspective how are these fields managed? do you require approval on change or data access control or search suppliers by these fields, etc? The linkage between SIM and Contract Management is the supplier organization, from a contract perspective you can have conditions applied to the contract workspace based on fields from the supplier organization and on the SIM side for example the Supplier 360 report you can have a report showing all the active contracts with the supplier.