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    Challenges Keeping all Redlines Visible

    SP117A Apprentice

      We are having trouble keeping all redlines when negotiating back and forth between the supplier, the buyer, and legal.  Only the last few changes are shown as redlined.  The other changes are there, but are no longer redlined. 


      Can anyone help guide us in how to keep all redlines through the entire process?

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          rmyroniuk Expert

          Hello Sp117a,


          Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Redlining in Contracts Pro. There are numerous reasons why you may be encountering the symptoms you describe above. In order for me to assist you further can you provide me answers to the following questions?


          I really can’t be much help unless I understand the following:

          1. How is your company using the authoring feature for negotiation (i.e. How is your team sending and receiving the contract)?
          2. Are all Contract Users (e.g. Contracts Managers, Agents, Legal ect..) on the same version of Microsoft word?
          3. Are all users enabling their DFS when opening the agreement?
          4. Do previous users accept the changes before passing to Legal?