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    Courier Delivery Services (FedEx, UPS) P2P Process - Best Practices?

    Michel Girerd Newbie

      How do you currently manage your FedEx invoices?

      Are you using the AN? Are controls implemented on the purchasing side or the invoicing side?

      did you implement a individual or centralized reconciliation process?

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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Michel:


          Thanks for sharing your question with our community. Like you, I’m interested to see what other Ariba Exchange community members have to share about their experiences.  I passed along your question to your Ariba Customer Engagement Exec, Jonathan Friedman, so that he was aware of your interest. Jonathan plans to follow-up with you separately.


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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              Eric Twombly Newbie

              Hi Debbie,

              I would imagine this is a topic with wide interest not just to Michel.  I would be interested in knowing what solutions Jonathan can propose and what other companies are using.


              We do not use PO's for these services and Non-PO Invoice ingestion, reconciliation, cost allocation and approval for courier services is one of the most thorny issues for our P2P implementation.  Cost allocation using Excel templates via Accounting Export and Import are a godsend since they can be linked to downloaded statements and then allocation lookups using customer reference or shipper/recipient name and company.  However, it requires manipulation in Excel, because without reducing billing lines to cost center totals, the number of lines, which can be in the hundreds for our company, can seriously degrade system performance when processing these invoices and our lookup tables don't cover all of the shipments.  Then there is still the question of reconciliation and approval of the actual charges.  Having separate accounts for separate cost centers helps with accountability, but multiplies invoicing volumes.  There must be a more elegant solution including better integration with the companies' online portals since the major carriers are on the AN.  Please keep the community in the loop.


              Thanks and regards,