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    Project Owners

    Terry Marsh Novice

      In my organization we have two contract administrators that are responsible for creating all of the contract workspaces and they also receive all of the notifications for expiring contracts.  I am trying to decide if it makes sense to make the two administrators the Project Owners on all workspaces or if I should only have one owner per workspace.


      Does anyone have any advice or thoughts on a best practice.  Any downsides of having two project owners?



      Any thoughts would be apprecited.

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          Leslie Martensen Master

          Let’s start with a distinction between Owner, who is usually the person who created the workspace, and a Project Owner, who can be added to the Project Owner Project Group on the teams tab.  There can only be one Owner at a time, but with each change of owners, the system adds the new Owner to the existing Owner or Owners already on the Project Owner Project Group. 


          Now, to your question:  In the template, we need to leave the Project Owner Project Group because this Project Owner actually refers to who owns the template, not who will be a Project Owner in the workspace.  So, to have your 2 administrators both be mutual project owners of each workspace, add a Project Group to the template (maybe named Contract Administrators), make the role of this group Project Owner and then add both names as members of the Project Group.  Now, with every new workspace that’s created, both administrators will be Project Owners although only one will be an Owner. 


          This will not resolve the issue of Project Owners, however, for existing workspaces. You will need to use mass edit for that.


          By the way, best practice for assigning members to Project Groups in the Teams tab of the template is to create a custom System Group and use that System Group for assignments.  That way, when people change jobs, it’s very easy to move a new person in and other people out without changing the template or existing workspaces.


          Leslie Martensen

          Sr. Product Manager - Contracts