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    Hello Everyone,

    Karunaker Reddy Dumbala Apprentice

      We have configured a punchout catalogue of one vendor with the below shown parameters in SRM.

      When we try to open the catalogue from SRM Shop gui, the catalogue is not getting opened and it is getting hanged with one blank white window page and if we refresh(F5) that page, it is taking me to SRM Shop page again and if we try open it one more time by clicking on the catalogue link here, the catalogue gets opened.

      My requirement is to get the catalogue launched without refreshing that blank white page. We are using IE8 web browser.

      And for your information, catalogue is working perfect with IE9 browser and Firefox and Chrome but not working with IE8. Everytime we have to refresh(F5) the blank page that we are getting once we clicked on the catalogue link in SRM Shop window and we have to open that catalogue one more time to get it launched.

      Please see the below screenshot(removed username and password for customer security reasons) of Standard Call Structure of catalogue and please try to give the solution. Thanks a ton in advance.



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          Mark Davis Expert

          Hi Karunaker--


          I checked with one of my tech resources and this is a problem with IE 8 specifically--and we have seen it before. Here is the suggested course of action:




          From an Internet Explore Page, click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options” On the General tab, under “browsing history”, click on DELETE; this is where you will delete Cookies and Temporary Internet Files – click on OK



          Go back to the General Tab, and always under “browsing history” click on SETTINGS and make sure that “Every time I visit the Webpage” is selected– click on OK.


          Go to the Security Tab

          Click on the CUSTOM LEVEL button, then

          Click on INTERNET


          Set as suggested:

          Under ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins

          • Disable “Allow previously unused ActiveX Controls to run without prompt
          • Disable “Allow Scriptlets”
          • Disable “Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls”
          • Enable “Display video and animation on a webpage that does not use external media player”
          • Enable “Binary and Script Behaviors”
          • Prompt “Download Signed ActiveX Controls”
          • Disable “Download unsigned ActiveX Controls”
          • Disable “Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls not marked as safe for scripting”
          • Enable “Run ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins”
          • Enable “Script ActiveX Controls marked as safe for scripting”


          Scroll down and under “Downloads”

          • Disable “Automatic Prompting for file downloads”
          • Enable “File Download”
          • Enable “Font Download”


          Scroll down and Under “Scripting”

          • Enable Active Scripting
          • Prompt Allow programmatic Clipboard access
          • Disable Allow status bar updates via script
          • Allow Website to prompt for information using scripted windows
          • Enable Scripting for Java Applets


          Click on OK

          The system may ask if you are sure on changing the settings for the zone: click on Yes


          In the Security Tab click on “Trusted Site”

          • Click on “Add this website to the zone”

          Add the link for ariba as such: *.ariba.com and click Add


          Go to the Privacy Tab and click on “ADVANCED”


          • Check the box “Override automatic cookie handling”
          • Accept “First-Party cookies”
          • Accept “Third-Party cookies”
          • Check “Always allow session cookies”



          These are the recommended browser configurations with IE8 and the Ariba application. Your IT department should be consulted to ensure these changes will not impact another application/tool that your company might use.

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              Karunaker Reddy Dumbala Apprentice

              Hi Davis,


              Thank you very much for your clean response and help but I am very sorry, after doing all the settings that you have described also, I am unable to launch the catalogue.

              And this time I even unable to launch it after refreshing(F5) the blank white page of the catalogue as in my previous case, instead getting the same blank popup window again and again after refreshing the page also. Can you please tell me if we need to add some other parameters in the call structure or any other settings have to be followed in IE8 ??

              Thank you once again.